How Much Do Moving Leads Cost

How Much Do Moving Leads Cost (And Other Important Lead Generation Questions to Ask)

Every moving company can enter a slump. Sometimes you won’t have as many jobs lined up or people asking about your services.

While periods of ups and downs are common in the moving industry, one thing is certain. You need plenty of leads to sustain and grow your business. Even if people don’t need your services at a particular point in time, you should still make your company known to potential customers.

Getting leads for free is possible, but underwhelming in the long run, especially when you’re trying to get out of a slump. Luckily, you can get moving business leads in various ways to cause a significant spike in your activity.

Consistent leads will give you a steady stream of clients; but that doesn’t mean every lead provider is right for you.

Before committing, you should ask more than the basic how much do moving leads cost question. Partner with the right service provider, and your business will surely prosper.

moving leads cost question

How Much Are Moving Leads?

Whether you’re investing in your marketing, vans, trucks, or customer service, your budget will be a big factor.

Asking a service provider how much do moving leads cost? is a good first step in determining whether that’s someone you can work with.

Here’s what you need to know about determining costs.

There are two aspects you need to know about regarding moving leads. Most reputable moving lead providers can quickly give you a cost-per-lead breakdown. In fact, many lead service providers compete on pricing. That’s why it’s not difficult to find very cheap leads. However, you must understand that leads aren’t customers—yet.

You still have to nurture those relationships, turn leads into prospects, and prospects into buyers.

For example, if you were to pay $1,000 for 500 leads but only manage to convert 10, you paid $100 in customer acquisition per customer.

Imagine another service provider would charge $2,000 for 500 leads. But with this batch, you have no trouble converting 50 into buyers.

This would mean paying just $40 to acquire one customer.

Here’s why understanding these scenarios is relevant. The cost per lead isn’t as important as the lead quality and cost per customer acquisition. Anyone can sell you cheap leads that are only industry-adjacent or mildly interested in your services. But having cheap leads won’t guarantee a high conversion rate.

After you ask how much are moving leads, you should always follow that with how much is the customer acquisition cost? This will give you a better understanding of which service provider can give you a better deal and generate better results.

Picking a moving leads provider starts with a quote. But to really ensure you have the right partner, you must learn more about them and how they do business.

Is Your Leads Provider Up to Speed on Your Company?

Every moving company has a niche, particular strengths, and some weaknesses. This isn’t a bad thing. It simply means your services cater to a very specific audience.

Connecting to the people most likely to need and buy your services is a lead provider’s primary directive. But they can’t do that if they don’t understand your company.

Ask a provider what they can tell you about your moving business. You’re looking for a clear understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, operational procedures, and ideal customer. Of course, that level of information is often predicated on you presenting a comprehensive brief.

Asking this question will give you a sense of who you’re dealing with. It will allow you to gauge the provider’s intent.

A reputable lead provider will always probe for more information about your company. They know the importance of understanding your business in order to personalize a campaign and generate leads more willing to buy, or high-value leads.

How Will the Provider Generate Leads?

Moving business leads can be generated organically or through more aggressive, paid campaigns.

A good lead provider will know how to balance both methods to deliver the best results. That said, maybe you want to focus on generating only organic leads. Perhaps you need a quick boost in sales to sustain your business.

Before partnering with them, you must learn how the provider intends to cater to your unique requirements. Transparency is necessary when dealing with everything from licenses to customer feedback to the lead campaign design.

If a provider isn’t keen on clarifying their process for you, it’s difficult to understand the value they bring to the table. It’s hard to understand why they’re priced the way they are.

Leads for Movers Should Be Nurtured

How much are moving leads with a high conversion rate? Every moving company wants to know this, but it might not be the correct question to ask.

Any provider can promise you’ll be able to convert their leads. But if you don’t do your due diligence, you won’t find out if it’s true until after you’ve bought the leads.

To avoid potentially wasting money or even paying too much for customer acquisition, ask the following question.

How do you nurture prospects?

As previously mentioned, some providers just sell tons of leads while others sell qualified leads. You need to figure out if your provider is capable of doing the latter.

The relationship must be nurtured for a lead to become an interested prospect with a high chance of converting into a buyer.

Few people who need moving services will call or email the first company that pops up in their search results. Customers are smarter than ever, and the ease of conducting research these days makes people better informed.

What does this mean for you?

It means that before someone even thinks about hiring you, they’ll want to know more about the company, your prices, history, credentials, expertise, etc. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure your provider knows they have to nurture prospects before sending them your way.

Here’s what you don’t want to see from a provider. Someone with a strategy for grabbing contact details they can bundle and sell to you. Instead, you want a provider that can speak to multiple selling points and the benefits of hiring your moving company. You want a provider that takes more time to generate and nurture leads.

By the time you get contact details, those leads should be viable prospects, possibly even showing a strong intent to buy.

While there is some value in getting a high influx of leads, you might not be in a position to nurture those leads into prospects before converting them into buyers. If you want faster results or don’t have the staff and expertise to handle nurturing, you’ll want a leads provider who can do that for you.

What Data Does Your Provider Collect?

How much do moving leads cost only scratches the surface of what should interest you in a provider for moving business leads.

The next time you need leads, make sure you find out how the provider collects their data and what type of data they get. Moving companies that buy the cheapest leads often end up doing more legwork than they’ve bargained for.


Lead information can be very basic. Having a name, phone number or email, and address qualifies as a lead.

But that won’t tell you much about that person or that company. Contact information won’t tell you what moving services your leads might want.

It won’t tell you if you should cold call, engage on social media, contact them via email, offer content, or hit them directly with an offer.

Imagine buying 1,000 leads with nothing but contact information and assurances they’re real people and businesses. You and your team would have to contact every single lead to learn where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Don’t be surprised if many of them are merely in the discovery phase and far from showing an interest in buying.

This is why you must learn what data your provider collects. Leads for movers should contain much more information. Here are some of the most important.

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Buying habits
  • Specific moving needs
  • Budget limitations
  • Urgency
  • Pain points
  • Past experience with moving companies

The more information providers collect, the easier it is to prepare your sales calls and ensure a higher conversion rate. Simultaneously, more data points indicate that providers nurture your leads instead of selling you cold leads.

Lastly, this is a great way to save time. Chasing hundreds or thousands of unqualified leads will hinder your ability to focus on the business. Therefore, you’ll want to quickly identify viable prospects from a batch of leads. This will only happen if your moving business leads provider collects pertinent details beyond contact information.

How Much Do Moving Leads Cost

What Goals or Business Model Does the Provider Have?

Picking the ideal moving leads provider doesn’t only come down to whether they can cater to your needs right now.

If you want a successful moving business, remember that lead generation is an ongoing process. You need it now, three months down the line, and every year moving forward. Entering a long-term partnership is recommended, especially if you can find a provider with expertise in your niche.

So, ask providers about their business models, goals, or ideal clients.

Generally, you’ll run into one of two providers focused on either major or small accounts. Each one can mean different things for your partnership.

For instance, small account providers are rarely interested in long-term working relationships. They can still do a great job of generating leads for your moving business, but they might not want to do it over an extended period.

These providers prefer short sales cycles and producing quick spikes in lead generation, sales, and revenue. They have high client turnover rates and often specialize in more than one industry.

Providers focused on major accounts are more specialized. They work on generating high-value leads for their clients, nurturing those leads, and are better at creating personalized campaigns. In addition, a major account-focused moving leads provider is more likely to implement more organic lead generation strategies.

You may end up with an evergreen lead generation strategy that will free time to work on your business, improve your service delivery, expand into new territories, etc.

What Leads Can the Provider Generate?

As a moving company, you can work with private individuals and other businesses. That means you might need B2B leads or B2C leads, or both. It depends on the range of your services and your area of expertise.

This brings up another differentiating factor between potential providers. Not every provider of moving leads specializes in both B2B and B2C lead generation.

You’ll want to ensure the provider knows how to reach your audience and nurture it to bring you the type of leads you want. This would be a perfect opportunity to talk about their processes again and ask for more information about successful past campaigns.

Going with an overconfident B2C lead generation company trying to break into the B2B space or vice versa may not bring great results.

Lead Generation Questions to Ask

Know the Type of Moving Leads Provider You’re Working With

Knowing how much are moving leads is definitely important when calculating your budget for customer acquisition or devising a new strategy.

But if your goal is to hire a moving leads provider, you’ll need to get more information out of them than a quote. Remember that lead and customer acquisition costs mean different things, and providers who aren’t transparent about these aspects are probably untrustworthy.

Ask for more information about how the lead campaigns are created, who they target, and how leads are nurtured and funneled toward your company. If possible, try to find a long-term partner that can take the challenging parts of lead generation off your plate so you can continue working on the operational side of your business and keep customers happy.

If you’re looking for peace of mind and consistent quality lead generation, don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about how we operate. Our expertise and carefully customized campaigns might be just what your moving business needs to get ahead.

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