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How Buy Moving Leads Was Founded

Growing a moving business and finding viable moving leads takes time and money. Your business can provide the best service possible, but that means nothing if you can’t generate enough leads.

That’s the exact same problem our founders were experiencing when they started out in the moving industry. 

 Now, were solving that problem for moving companies across the country.

Here’s what you get when you work with us:


We are always in contact with customers that need moving services, we have proven lead generation channels, and we can simplify the handover process.

Quality Leads

Our leads don’t dry up. When we provide you with a lead, it goes through a thorough vetting process to make sure that it is a valuable moving lead.


We understand that budget is a top concern for any business owner. Our moving leads are some of the best-value leads in the industry.

Low competition

When we provide your business with a moving lead, you can rest assured knowing that our leads are qualified. This will help to make sure that your company secures the business it needs to thrive and grow.

Meet Mark and Amanda

Mark and Amanda are the original founders of Buy Moving Leads. Having previously worked in the transportation industry for years, they understand the struggles of finding quality new leads for your moving business. 

 Whether you’ve wasted thousands on Google Adwords and other PPC channels or tried word of mouth, Mark and Amanda know what you’re going through. 

The husband and wife team founded our company because they wanted to provide a way for moving companies to be successful without all the hassle. They knew that most moving companies provide great service, but struggle with the marketing side of the business.

So, Buy Moving Leads was born to solve that problem.

Our Team

Introducing Mark Jackson, Our CFO and Lead Optimization Specialist

Mark is the numbers guy. He keeps our company in good standing and helps our clients understand how to get the most value out of the lead buying process.

Introducing Sarah: Our Head of Logistics and Operational Excellence

(Head of Logistics)

Mark is the numbers guy. He keeps our company in good standing and helps our clients understand how to get the most value out of the lead buying process.

Our Client Experience Manager and Dedicated Problem Solver

(Client Experience Manager)

Joe is one of our most important team members and understands exactly what our clients want from our business. If you have any problems with our service, Joe is more than capable of helping you with them.

Introducing John: Our Head of Marketing and Driving Force Behind Our Success

(Head of Marketing)

Just as your business needs new clients, so does Buy Moving Leads. John has played a key role in making our business a successful provider of moving leads in the US.

Struggling with finding
new moving leads?

Keep Your Moving Business Moving With Buy Moving Leads

At Buy Moving Leads, our mission has always been to help your company thrive in the industry. With our experienced and talented team, you can rely on us to provide the quality leads your business is looking for.

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