Tips for a Successful Movers Marketing Strategy

Tips for a Successful Movers Marketing Strategy

Marketing is critical to the success of your moving business.

If you’re not marketing your services properly, people aren’t going to find out about you. And if people don’t know about you, they’re not going to book your services.

It’s that simple.

Yet, marketing is something that a lot of moving specialists neglect. They rely on word of mouth and basic flyer campaigns to get the word out about their businesses. But in doing so, they don’t use the many effective movers marketing techniques that drive more people towards them.

This article aims to help you change that for your moving company.

Here, we offer some moving company marketing tips that help your business stand out from your competitors.

Tip No. 1 – Leverage Content Marketing

Content Marketing for moving lead generation

You’ve likely already set up a website as part of your company’s overall marketing. Moving companies need websites to inform their potential clients about what they do and which regions they serve. Your website is also one of the first places that a customer visits when figuring out if they want to use your services.

But are you using your website as well as you could be?

How much content does the website contain? If you only have a few service pages and a standard description of what you do, your website isn’t as effective a part of your moving company marketing strategy as it should be.

You need content.

Search engines love websites that deliver fresh content regularly. A consistent stream of new content shows search engines that the website is actively being updated. Plus, each new blog post or article allows you to target keywords and important questions that your customers need answers to.

Answering questions is key with content marketing.

The point here is to offer value. If you’re able to write content that your potential client finds useful, they’re more likely to use your services over another moving company that offers no content. The customer will trust your business more because you’re helping them without them having to pay for it.

For example, packing is one of the most difficult aspects of moving home. It’s something that many of your customers will struggle with. A blog post on your website that offers useful steps or tips for packing more efficiently directly helps your potential customer, meaning they’re more likely to go with your business when it’s time for their big move.

Tip No. 2 – Research Your Customers

Who does your moving business serve?

Research Your Customers

It seems like such a simple question. Your company serves people who are looking to move home. Or, maybe you serve commercial businesses moving between premises. Alternatively, you might serve niche clients, such as celebrities, who require discretion. Perhaps you specialize in helping people move their things to storage containers because you get a lot of your leads from the local storage business.

Suddenly, the answer to “who do you serve” is a lot more complicated.

That’s why you need to research your customers.

Knowing precisely who you serve means you’re in a better position to speak directly to your customers. Let’s take the celebrity example. These types of clients require discretion. They may also need you to dedicate more resources to them because they likely have more things to move than the average person. Celebrities also have more expensive homes and items, meaning your crew takes special care to ensure all of their things arrive undamaged.

These are all things you can speak to in your moving marketing materials.

By knowing who your customers are, you’re able to create more effective moving company marketing because you can speak directly to the types of people who use your service. Take some time to examine your existing customers. Figure out the common problems they share and highlight how your business solves those problems.

Tip No. 3 – Target the Off-Season

Most people move home during the summer.

Most people move home during the summer.

You likely already know that, which is why you pour most of your moving marketing efforts into appealing to customers during the warmer months. But just because most people move during the summer, that doesn’t mean that nobody moves during fall or winter. Granted, the client base may be smaller. However, there are still customers that require moving services during the colder months.

That’s an area you can target with a moving company marketing strategy.

For example, you could set up a page on your website dedicated to what your company does differently when helping clients move during the winter. Perhaps you could talk about how you equip your trucks’ tires with snow chains. You might even be able to add a small snow shoveling service designed to help customers make their winter moves as smooth as possible. By targeting this niche specifically, you can get leads that you might not otherwise get during the leanest months of the year.

Tip No. 4 – Create a Mobile-Accessible Website

Returning to your website, it’s crucial that customers can access your site using mobile devices.

Moving company marketing strategy


The stats show that the majority of your customers use mobile devices to access websites. In January 2022, mobile devices accounted for 55% of global internet traffic. Desktops only accounted for 42%, with devices like tablets and video game consoles making up the rest.

If your website isn’t mobile-accessible, you’re putting a severe dent into your moving company marketing campaign. Customers will arrive at your website, see they can’t navigate it, and immediately bounce away to check out a competitor’s site.

Thankfully, most web designers and developers offer mobile and responsive website services that ensure your site displays well on mobile devices. Google also provides the handy Mobile-Friendly Test tool, which allows you to input your URL and get an instant report on how mobile-friendly it is. Use this tool to highlight specific issues and work with a web designer to make your site more accessible on mobile devices.

Tip No. 5 – Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows provide you with an opportunity to get up close and personal with people who are likely going to need your services. But as importantly, they also allow you to connect with other business owners who may become sources of leads for your company.

For example, you could attend a trade show centered on real estate agents. These professionals work closely with people who are buying and selling homes, which means they’re working with people who are going to need a mover’s services at some point. By striking up relationships with real estate agents at trade shows, you can create sources of leads from professionals whose work benefits your industry.

Beyond relationship building, trade shows are also great places to hand out discounts and inform potential clients about your services. Plus, they may help you develop some new ideas about how to market your moving business.

Tip No. 6 – Focus on the Follow-Up

Some of your customers buy from you when they make first contact.

That’s great, but it also doesn’t cover the majority of your customers. Most may call you to get a quote or learn more about your services. Then, they’ll go away, do some extra research, and may get back to you later on. Your goal is to turn that “may” into a “most likely”.

Following up with customers helps you do that.

Many people neglect following up as part of their moving company marketing strategy. However, following up keeps you at the top of a prospect’s mind, which is vital when somebody is deciding between two or three moving companies.

The stats bear this out too. One study conducted by Harvard Business Review examined 1.25 million sales leads across several industries. It found that companies were more than seven times more likely to qualify a lead if they followed up within an hour of a prospect inquiring compared to those who waited two hours. That number rises to 60 times more likely compared to companies that wait 24 hours to follow up.

The message is simple – responding quickly to customers is key to a movers marketing strategy.

But following up doesn’t end there. Once you’ve established contact, checking in regularly should also be part of your moving company marketing. A call every one or two weeks to check with the prospect keeps you in their thinking. The same goes for emails. Of course, you must balance your follow-up so you’re not hounding the customer. But if you don’t follow up at all, you’re making it easy for a customer to forget about you.

Tip No. 7 – Get on Social Media

Marketing ideas for moving companies

Social media platforms offer you a great way to improve your moving company marketing. They allow you to communicate directly with potential clients and offer you chances to share content that engages prospects. Social media is a superb tool for building your brand. Plus, the sharable nature of these platforms means that it’s easy for you to reach people who don’t directly interact with your business.

For example, let’s say a happy customer leaves a review on your Facebook page. That review will be seen by anybody who views your page. But it may also pop up on the feeds of the reviewer’s friends. Even without actively searching for you, these friends will see that you offer great service and may remember you if they ever need a moving company.

Your moving company marketing strategy will vary depending on which social media platforms you use. Facebook and Twitter are ideal for communicating directly to customers. LinkedIn is a more professional social network that’s useful for building connections with complementary business owners in the same way you might strengthen your network at trade shows. Serve relevant content to each audience and social media becomes a powerful moving marketing tool.

Tip No. 8 – Be as Credible as You Can

Credible moving businesses get more customers.

The quality of your service, the professional nature of your movers marketing materials, and positive word of mouth from clients all build credibility. But there are several additional things you can do to make your company look even better in the eyes of potential clients.

Sharing testimonials and reviews on your website and social media accounts is a big one.

You can’t guarantee that every customer will believe what they read in your marketing materials. But they are likely to believe the opinions of other people. Your happy customers provide independent proof that your moving business delivers on the promises it makes. Leverage their reviews and testimonials to show potential clients that they can trust your business.

Other marks of credibility include having a business address and phone number that a customer can access easily. Membership in professional organizations, such as the United States Movers Association, also helps because it shows that your company holds itself to high professional standards. Put anything that makes your company appear more credible front and center in your moving company marketing.

Tip No. 9 – Work With an Experienced Lead Provider

The tips shared so far in your article are all marketing ideas for moving companies that you can implement yourself.

This final tip involves working with a third party.

Lead providers specialize in qualifying leads on your behalf before sending them over to you. They’re a great source of leads because they handle a lot of the early work for you, such as finding people who need moving services and preparing them for communicating with your business.

Search for a lead provider that specializes in the moving industry. They already know the core problems customers have and the solutions they need, meaning you don’t have to educate them about the sector. You just need to offer information about the type of leads your business requires and a lead generation company can do the rest.

moving company marketing

Start Generating More Leads

No matter how well your existing moving company marketing strategy is working, there is always space for improvement. The nine tips shared in this article allow you to reach a wider audience, boost credibility, and keep your moving business at the top of the minds of potential customers.

And you can get started today.

While many of these tips may take a little while to implement because you need to build processes for them, working with a lead provider is something you can start doing immediately. That’s where Buy Moving Leads comes in. We’re lead generation specialists who focus on the moving industry. Our award-winning service guarantees your moving business a steady flow of leads, allowing you to focus on the important business of providing your services to clients. Check out our website today and start getting verified leads now.

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