Getting The Most Out Of Your Moving Leads

There are many factors involved in running a successful moving company. We want to help you not only buy quality moving leads, but succeed at quickly and effectively delivering your moving products and services to the customer. This article hopes to give you a head start by sharing some of most important practices of the top moving companies. Buying leads is a big help to getting customers rolling in, but just as essential to your business’ success is your business strategy for delivering your moving services. With the right combination and a thoughtful approach, we’re certain you be getting the most out of your moving leads.

Essentials for successful moving companies

1. Professional and experienced staff.
When a customer gets on the phone or sends off an email, your staff will be their first impression. This important initial interaction can make or break a deal. Your staff should be well trained with good customer service. Handling customers with respect and care will go much further than you would think and is critical to getting the kind of reputation that will continue to bring in business.

Your staff should also be able to answer general questions about your companies good and services. More than just reading script answers to frequently asked questions, your staff need to be well trained and experienced so that they can answer thoroughly and helpfully to the customer. We’ve all spoken to customer service staff who don’t know what they’re talking about, and no matter how hard they try, it’s clear they’re faking it. Build an experienced and friendly team and your customers will keep coming back and telling their friends.

2. Quick Responses.
When we say “quick” we mean, immediately or as soon as possible. With phone marketing and online lead sales taking off, the market for moving leads can be extremely competitive. Don’t worry, it mostly has to do with who contacts customers within the first hours of their inquiry. Here’s a few ways you can ensure you respond quickly:

  • Setup an auto emailer: Welcome your customer to your business and include some preliminary pricing and service information. Let them know that your staff is going to call them shortly.
  • Make sure your team knows to respond to leads before any other call: Other calls can wait, leads won’t. Have your staff pick up the phone and get talking as soon as possible.

woman-on-laptop3. Good looking website.
Pay for a good looking website. There are lots of ways to cut corners on website design and customers can tell. Most customers will check out the legitimacy of a moving company by their impression from their website. If it looks professional and clean, with real customer testimonials, pictures and nice logo and branding, your customers will seriously consider your business. If you take your website serious your customers will take you serious. Spend the time and the money to make sure you’ve got a solid website. It’s well worth it.

4. Online presence with a good reputation.
Yes, there’s more to online presence than just a clean looking website. Facebook, twitter, yelp, youtube and other social media services provide access to potential customers and publicly communicate your reputation. When you receive leads and send out email responses, make sure you include information on where to find you on these online services. Include links, twitter feeds, links to videos or incentives to leaving a review on yelp. Spending time investing in these online services will go a long way for those searching online for a moving company with a solid reputation.

Building a good team, responding to leads quickly and connecting customers with your website and social media outlets are just a few ways you can make your leads turn into revenue and multiply your reach to future customers. It may sound like a lot of work but you can do it and it will pay off in the long run. Let’s get moving on those leads!

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