Best Ways to Generate Leads for Movers

Best Ways to Generate Leads for Movers

Your moving company needs leads to survive.

If you don’t have leads, you can’t get clients. And if you’re not getting clients, that means you have a fleet of moving vans sitting empty while you watch your business struggle.

You need to get moving leads.

The challenge is that you don’t know how to get moving leads. Sure, your company may use a few techniques, such as referrals and cold calling. But you’re not taking full advantage of all of the options open to you, which means you’re not getting all of the moving job leads that you could be getting.

This article aims to change that.

Here, we examine some of the best ways to generate leads for movers.

Invest in Your Website

Method No. 1 – Invest in Your Website

The advent of the internet age means that consumers shop differently than they did before the web existed. Previously, people would phone a few moving companies and gather recommendations from friends before making their choice. While many still do that, the vast majority also check out a moving company online before they commit to investing in their services. In fact, 81% of all shoppers research a product or service online before making a purchasing decision.

Your company’s website is one of the first places a potential customer will go. If you haven’t invested in making that website as professional as it can be, you risk losing four out of every five customers who’d consider using your company.

Your website may be your best source of free moving leads for moving companies. It’s where clients go to gather information, learn about your services, check your service area, and get in touch with you. By making the experience as seamless as possible, you increase your chances of each website visit resulting in a new lead.

How should you invest in your website to make it more professional?

Spending money on a clean and modern design is a good start. Customers who use the web regularly have expectations for how a website should look. If your site appears outdated, it shows that you don’t care about your online profile.

It’s also worth investing in the development of a responsive website. Responsive web design ensures your site displays properly on desktop and mobile devices. That’s important because over 60% of visits to American websites come from mobile devices, meaning you need to ensure your site displays properly on smaller screens.

The key point here is that your website is a reflection of your moving business and its professional standards. It can be a great source of moving job leads as long as you use it to deliver important information and make it easy for potential customers to contact you.

Method No. 2 – Use Mailers

Mailers have been a core marketing technique for moving companies for decades for a good reason. They allow you to connect directly with people who are selling or buying homes, meaning you get in front of people who will need your services very soon.

Several common mailers can be good sources of leads for movers. Both Just Listed Mailers and USA Home Listings provide data about people who’ve put their homes up for sale. Both mailers even allow you to filter their data based on location and zip codes, ensuring your company can target the right audience.

Once you have some customer data, start sending mailers out. Aim to send two mailers a week apart when a prospect’s home first goes up for sale. Follow this up with two more, again a week apart, when the property goes into pending status. This keeps you at the front of the prospect’s mind, making them more likely to contact you when it’s time for their move.

leads for removal companies

Method No. 3 – Use Google AdWords

Many moving companies are put off by pay-per-click services like Google AdWords because they’re wary about investing heavily into an online marketing campaign.

These worries are legitimate.

A poorly-targeted Google AdWords campaign can waste money because it targets the wrong audience. But if you get the campaign right, Google AdWords allows you to get in front of people who need your services and are actively searching for a mover that does what you do.

For example, let’s say that your moving company works with businesses.

You could build a Google AdWords campaign around keywords that result in business relocation leads. The platform also suggests additional keywords to the ones you input into a campaign, allowing you to broaden the campaign’s scope as needed. Plus, you can restrict the ads to only display in your service areas, meaning they don’t get served to people who are in locations where your business doesn’t operate in.

Google AdWords allows you to market directly to the billions of people who use Google every day. Neglecting it means you miss out on leads for removal companies because you’re not putting your business in front of people who are actively searching for removal specialists.

Method No. 4 – Referrals

It’s no secret that referrals are one of the best sources of leads for movers. Your company likely relies on word of mouth fairly heavily. After all, positive comments from existing customers influence potential customers to learn more about you.

However, many relocations and moving companies don’t encourage referrals. Instead, they take a passive approach that involves sitting back and hoping a happy customer will spread the word.

Your company doesn’t have to do that.

By encouraging happy customers to refer you to others, you make this lead source even more powerful. That encouragement starts with simply asking happy customers to recommend your business to their friends. You can build on this by offering referral bonuses, such as a discount on future services to the referrer or a small cash incentive to anybody who points a client in your direction.

Method No. 5 – Search Engine Optimization

Earlier in the article, we discussed how developing a professional-looking website helps you get moving leads.

But that’s only the case if potential customers can find your site. If your website doesn’t appear in Google’s results when somebody searches for your service, you’re limiting the amount of traffic your website attracts.

et relocation leads through SEO

You can solve this problem with search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a blanket term that covers several online marketing strategies, including keyword optimization, content marketing, and link generation. SEO also covers many of the technical aspects of building web pages, such as creating metadata, which search engines rely on to define what your page is and how useful it will be to a searcher.

The challenge with SEO is that it’s a complicated field. Search engine algorithms change regularly, meaning tactics that were okay a few years ago may not be viable today. If you’re not able to invest time into learning about SEO, it’s worth investing in an SEO agency’s service to give your website the boost it needs to appear prominently in search results. The more people that can find your website, the more traffic it gets. Of course, more people arriving at your website also means more moving company leads for your business.

Method No. 6 – Lead Magnets, Landing Pages, and Email Campaigns

While this method incorporates several techniques, they all work together as a cohesive whole to help you with moving company lead generation. Before getting into how you need to know what each of these techniques is.

Lead magnets are pieces of content that you use to attract leads toward your business. For example, you might create a how-to article about how to pack up valuables ready for a house move. That content is valuable to somebody preparing to move home, meaning they may be willing to give you something in exchange for it.

A landing page is where you host your lead magnet. It’s a webpage that’s usually separate from your main website. Its core functions are to explain how you can help the customer and to gather their data in exchange for the lead magnet offered on the page.

Finally, email campaigns allow you to stay in touch with a potential client. Getting moving job leads often requires you to nurture prospects before they’ll buy from you. Email campaigns allow you to do that by giving you a way to send targeted information to prospects that brings them closer to making buying decisions.

Now, how does all of this fit together?

You start by creating a lead magnet and the landing page you’ll place it on. The magnet has to be something that a potential client will find useful or it won’t attract them. With those elements in place, you start directing traffic toward the landing page. You can do this by using ads on social media and similar platforms. When somebody arrives on your landing page, you direct them towards a section of the page where they enter their name and email address.

The key here is that the prospect has to enter these details to access the lead magnet on your landing page.

Once you have the prospect’s email address, you can start your email campaign. Typically, this begins with a welcome email that thanks them for downloading the lead magnet. From there, you can send emails that expand on the content in the lead magnet and further explains how your moving company can solve the prospect’s problem.

These emails keep the prospect engaged with your business, meaning they’re likely to contact you when they need your removal services.

Method No. 7 – Partnering With Other Companies

You may be wondering how to get moving jobs from other companies. After all, other moving businesses are your competitors. Why would they send moving job leads your way?

how to get moving jobs from other companies

They probably won’t.

But other moving companies are not the businesses you should think about partnering with. Instead, it’s the companies that are indirectly related to the moving industry that you should think about. Examples include realtors, contractors, and storage facilities. All regularly deal with clients who are either moving home or need help transporting large volumes of goods from one point to another.

It’s also worth talking to real estate developers, especially those building apartment complexes. By offering discounts to the people who buy from these developers, you may get an easy source of leads for movers without having to do a lot of extra work.

Of course, partnerships work both ways. You need to be able to offer something of value to these other businesses, such as discounts on your services or access to leads that could require their help. Still, setting up mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses allows you to get moving leads quickly.

Method No. 8 – Turn Trucks Into Roaming Billboards

As effective as the targeted marketing techniques in this article are, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of more passive techniques. Branding the vehicles you use for helping clients to move is a superb passive technique because your moving trucks serve as roaming billboards. That makes them potential sources of moving leads free of any additional fees. Once the trucks have your company’s details and branding on them, they’ll generate leads as part of their daily operation.

There are a few things you can do to make your trucks even more valuable lead generation resources. For example, parking a truck at a big community event means it’s seen by hundreds of local people who might need your services. You can also take pictures of your trucks and post them to your website and social media pages. This keeps your branding in the public eye and demonstrates your fleet to potential customers. Even offering free services to community projects and nonprofits using your trucks can be a great way to generate more leads for movers.

Mover’s Lead Generation Made Easy

By combing the eight lead generation techniques shared in this article, you create a comprehensive strategy that allows you to actively target new customers in a variety of ways. Better yet, you can target many of these techniques toward specific types of clients. For example, if you’re searching for commercial leads for moving companies, you can create lead magnets, landing pages, and ad campaigns that specifically target commercial businesses. But if you’re looking for residential leads, you can use the same techniques while adjusting the targeting.

how to get more moving jobs

Every technique on this list is useful.

But we haven’t mentioned the most powerful technique of all:

Having a dedicated mover’s lead generation service do all of the hard work for you.

At Buy Moving Leads, we leverage all of these methods, alongside several others, to get moving leads that help your business grow. By working with us, you gain access to a wide variety of quality leads that generate great returns and save your business money. Our award-winning service is available throughout the United States. To find out more, get in touch with us and start getting leads for movers today.

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