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If you have taken the time to invest in a moving company, then you will be aware of how tricky it could be. Marketing plays a massive role in gaining more leads for your business. If you do this correctly, then the likelihood of generating leads that aren’t stagnant will be higher. This includes digital, website-based content creation, SEO, and social media. 

However, there is another way your moving company can generate more moving leads that do not include a digital platform. It does, however, include good communication skills, networking, and trusting a third-party company to gain leads without you having to get your hands dirty. 

Granted, this may sound scary, but if you implement this correctly, you may notice extra business coming in when you least expect it to. 

This strategy is known as buying moving leads. It means exactly what it says- you buy leads from a company instead of looking for them yourself. There may be a whole bunch of reasons why this sounds intriguing to you, which is why this article has been written. 

After reading this piece, you will know more about how to embark on this journey, how to look for the correct lead-generating company, and which strategies to implement once you have your lead to solidify the deal. 

Why Choose to Buy Moving Leads:

As mentioned above, there may be many different reasons why you would want to explore this option for your moving company. Still, we have taken the time to list a few benefits of buying moving leads and how this can benefit your business. 

  1. Helps Simplify Business

We all want to run a business where things run as smoothly as possible. Yes, there will be bumps in the road (hopefully not too many when moving fragile goods for your customer), but if you put the right strategies and plans in place, you can avoid as many bumps as possible. 

If your business decides to buy moving leads, you can focus on delivering the best service instead of worrying about attracting customers. Your business will organically generate more business through word of mouth. 

  1. Spend Less Money on Marketing

This may not be the only avenue you want your business to take when marketing, but if it is, you will be able to save a lot of money on marketing. This is a much cheaper option than other marketing campaigns. However, you may decide that trying a few different strategies when it comes to marketing will be the best thing. Either way, you will be saving money when buying moving leads. 

  1. Save Time

Another great advantage of buying moving leads is that you will save time, as the third-party company of your choice will put in all the effort to generate good-quality leads for your business. Thus, more effort can go into other aspects of your business. 

  1. Quality Leads

If you find the right lead-generating company, you can be guaranteed to receive the best quality leads as the company will have its filtering systems to ensure they deliver these excellent leads. You will begin to trust the company more. 

  1. Simple Business Strategy

Now that you don’t have to put all the effort into gaining quality leads, your business strategy will inevitably become simplified and easier to implement. This is the case because there is one less thing for you to worry about when thinking of gaining customers and delivering the best quality service. 

Thus, as you can see, buying moving leads has many different advantages. This is a great way to bring in extra business and can be very profitable if done correctly. 

You can access this service is to searching for lead providers and then asking for estimates. You can then make the decision yourself regarding whether or not you want to utilize it. 

Top Tips When Buying Moving Leads:

If you are still skeptical about this strategy, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of tips you can consider when embarking on your new marketing strategy. 

  1. Understand the Market

You will need to keep in mind that buying moving leads may take more time and generate less money than other marketing strategies. This does not mean that it isn’t still an excellent strategy to implement, however. This process works because the percentage of leads turning into customers may be lower; however, the more people you talk to, the more business you will generate. 

  1. Have Your Goal in Mind

When you put your business plan together, you would have put a few figures down projecting where you would want your business to go in 5-10 years. You can use the same strategy for buying moving leads. Keep your profit, AKA Return on Investment (ROI), in mind. Try not to think about the money you’re potentially spending on buying moving leads. Look at the facts-focus on the money you make through buying moving leads and forget about the money you spend on them (within reason).

  1. Clear Communication

When you get your first lead, contact that potential client promptly and efficiently. Make sure that you don’t leave the lead for too long before you decide to contact them. If they do not answer, try 2-3 times more. If the lead does not answer four times after calling them, you would be wasting your time and resources. You could be using that time to contact other potential customers. 

  1. Implement Processes

Before you contact your potential customers, you must ensure that you have an effective implementation process. Know what you’ll say to your new lead, how many times you’ll call them, when to call them, and when to stop calling them. 

Ensure that your employees know the process if you are not around to pick this up. If you need to write a script for this, then do so. Make sure that you empower your employees. After all, you cannot carry the world’s weight on your shoulders. 

  1. Pitch Perfect

It may seem obvious but it’s actually very important. Ensure that your script for your new lead is squeaky clean and that you professionally highlight all of your business’s best aspects. Know your selling points and vocalize them to your lead. At the end of the first phone call, you want to ensure they feel confident in your abilities. 

  1. Follow-up Process

Once you have given your new lead an estimate on your services, follow up with them instead of waiting for them to contact you. Don’tDon’t bombard them but try to hold onto that lead for as long as possible. This is another process that you could create for your business. 

There is no ”one-size-fits-all” when buying moving leads, so tailor these tips to best suit your moving company. As much as buying moving leads may cost a bit extra, you will be grateful when you start receiving leads that stick and are of good quality. 

This is why it is essential to do your research first before buying moving leads. You want to ensure that your leads are not flaky and communicative. That being said, we have put together some top tips that you can follow when looking for the best third-party lead generator for your moving company. 

Tips For Choosing Moving Lead Generators

  1. Set Budgets

Know how much money you want to spend on this before finding the right moving lead gen company, and then set up a budget. This way, you won’t have to worry about it during the month. Also, it is critical to discuss this with whichever company you choose. 

  1. Licensed and Insured

Be sure that the company is licensed and insured, it’s very important. As a result, you will trust the company and know they will deliver quality leads. 

  1. Browse, Browse, Browse

Make sure that before choosing your company, you browse their website. Is the information they are giving to the world accurate? Has their site been updated recently? Do they seem transparent with their services? These are all questions you should ask yourself before spending your money. 

  1. Prospect Limit

How many clients does this company have? Make sure that they are not throwing out their feelers to a large number of people. You want to ensure that they have only a handful of clients, as this proves that they have put in the effort to choose good quality leads. 

Considering the tips mentioned above, you will surely avoid bad leads. You will know that when you buy moving leads, you will spend your money on something worthwhile that is bound to bring in extra business. After all, every penny counts! 


Advantages of buying moving leads:

  • Helps simplify business 
  • You spend less money on marketing
  • You will be sure to save time
  • You will gain quality leads
  • Your business strategies will be simple

Top tips when buying moving leads:

  • Understand the market, and make peace with the fact that you may not gain huge turnovers when buying moving leads
  • Have your ROI goal in mind and focus on this instead of worrying about how much money you’re spending on buying moving leads. Understand that the risk is worth the return
  • Keep your communication with new leads clear-don’t leave the lead unattended for too long.
  • Come up with a proper lead follow-up process, so your employees are clear when implementing it and to ensure your new leads stick. 
  • Make sure that your first conversation with your new lead highlights all of your business’s strengths and highlights your selling points. Make sure, however, that you don’t sound too pushy. 
  • Make sure that you devise a follow-up process after giving your new lead an estimate on your services to ensure that you don’t lose the lead. 

Tips for choosing a moving lead generator:

  • Set a budget with your finance team to ensure that you put a cap on how much you want to spend on buying moving leads so that you won’t have to worry about it during the month. 
  • Make sure the company you choose to do business with is licensed and insured. This is another safety net for you and your business, as you are guaranteed good quality leads. 
  • Browse the company’s website before contacting them. Read the information on their website to see if what they say is truthful; look for transparency on the website; ensure that the website has been updated recently. 
  • Make sure that the company is not spreading itself too thin and that they only invest in a handful of clients. This again ensures that you receive good quality leads, as the company would have sound filtering systems in place. 

And so, if you were skeptical before, I’m pretty sure that you no longer are. Buying moving leads can be a very profitable marketing strategy, despite other people’s opinions. If you go about this right, you can ensure you do not waste time or effort on resources. This will result in higher morale and more leads turning into customers who commit to your services. 

As a business, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business and create less stress for yourself. You can diversify your marketing strategies to facilitate more business coming through. You will start reaping the rewards with patience and dedication to your business. 

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